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Handmade Tiles near Guildford

Producing handmade tiles is very time consuming, it requires an enormous amount of patience, attention to detail and hard work, which is something that the staff at the Froyle tile shop near Guildford have in spades.

Clay for Handmade Tiles in Guildford


We use special mixture of different clays in addition to a natural plasticiser to create the raw material for your tiles to create a good mix of high quality and workability. Before we receive the clay, it is dug in its "raw" form and then mixed by hand. We then hand roll and hand cut the clay into 3-inch x 3-inchsquares. We then leave the tiles to dry in the Surrey sun (if warm enough) before putting it in the kiln and decorate it by hand before firing it once more.


The whole process results in truly unique bathroom or kitchen tiles. In fact, each tile is unique due to being very slightly different in size, shape, colour, texture and final detail. They may be very slightly convex or concave to create a character that is impossible to recreate using mass production methods.


We recognise that everyone of our customers has their own individual tastes. With this in mind, we have carefully researched and developed an extensive portfolio of standard tiles for customers in Guildford to choose from; colours and designs that live as comfortably in both traditional and contemporary environs.


What is So Good about Froyle Tiles?


Tiles are fundamental to our company. We are proud that no others as carefully designed or produced in or around Guildford. We do everything to ensure all our clients' complete satisfaction. Every single tile is made to order, so we are happy to discuss any custom requirements you may have.


Decorated Tiles in Guildford


Decorative tiles are becoming increasingly popular as part of a combinations with our neutral-coloured tiles. We also decorate our products to meet the same stringent quality standards as all tiles we produce. We produce handmade tiles in a wide range of shapes, colours and sizes. These products can be used in a variety of applications as kitchen tiles, as well as patio and bathroom tiles. The shapes currently available include the following:


  • Square (7cm to 28cm)
  • Diamond
  • Leaf
  • Octagon
  • Wave
  • Bricks
  • Hexagon



To purchase tiles in Guildford, please call Froyle’s tile shop on 01428 684111!



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