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Why Buy Bespoke Tiles from Our London Tile Supplier?

Have you ever wondered why so many homeowners and companies in London choose to use handmade tiles when working on a personal or commercial project? Here are a few reasons why customers avoid mass-produced tiles and come to us for expertly crafted bespoke ones.


4 Great Reasons to Buy Handmade Tiles in London


1. Longer Lasting – Handmade tiles last longer than mass-produced tiles and are much more durable. This is partly because of the care and attention that goes into each and every tile we make. If you’re in London and looking to buy ceramic tiles that won’t need replacing anytime soon, Froyle Tiles is the tile supplier for you.


2. Aesthetically Superior – Mass-produced tiles can look plain, synthetic or just plain ugly. They can be spotted all over London, in both respected establishments and ones lacking a positive reputation. But if you’re tiling a room or exterior surface, why not use bespoke tiles to stand-out from the crowd? They’re less generic looking and have an appearance that only handmade tiles can boast.


3. Versatile – One of the reasons why we’ve established a reputation as a quality, trustworthy tile supplier in London is our tiles are incredibly versatile. All our ceramic tiles have a water absorption rate of less than 0.5%. This makes them suitable for use in bathrooms, kitchens and even patios.


4. Customised Bespoke Tiles – If you’ve spent time and effort designing and building a bathroom, kitchen or similar personal project – why settle for mass-produced ceramic tiles from any old London tile supplier? We can create bespoke tiles to your exact specification. Any colour, any shape. Tell us what you envision on your walls and we’ll make them.


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