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Beautiful range of handmade tiles in Surrey

Froyle Tiles Ltd (Surrey) is much more than just a tile shop. We can design and produce ceramic handmade tiles to your own specifications.


Whether you require kitchen tiles or huge murals for swimming pools or commercial buildings, we have the skills and resources to fulfil your needs.


We also make a range of standard tiles for you to choose from.

Superior Handmade Tiles


The process of hand-making tiles is by definition a labour intensive, as well as a skilled process. The clay we use is of the highest quality. It is manufactured by a specialist supplier to an established formula to produce durable, frost-proof tiles suitable for exterior use.


Tiles suitable for use in patios and other exterior environments must have a low water absorption rate of less than 0.5%. All of our tiles adhere to this model, which also makes them safe and reliable for use in bathrooms and kitchens in Surrey, London and the rest of the UK.


Whereas mass-produced tiles designed for bathroom and kitchen walls tend to have a shorter life expectancy, our handmade examples are much more durable and long-lasting. All tiles we produce adhere to strict standards of health and safety.


We also specialise in reproduction tiles, whether specialist Victorian-style examples or more modern anti-slip flooring. Clients in and around Surrey have also approached us to create glazes to complement existing colour schemes by matching fabrics and paints at our specialist tile shop.


Standard Range of Tiles


As well as creating bespoke tiles, we also have a standard range of stoneware tiles we produce to order. Please contact us for prices and lead times. Although we specialise in handmade tiles we also have a range of carefully selected products from other manufacturers in our Surrey showroom.


The Tile Making Process


The tiles are extruded into the required shape, while we simultaneously remove air bubbles from the clay. This is essential to avoid explosions in the kiln during the firing process. They are then hand cut whilst still soft, then they are laid out to dry.


Once dry, the edges are filed smooth. The glazes are mixed in the pottery to specific formulae to produce durable, lustrous and above all attractive colours that will do justice to any project you are undertaking.


For more information on our handmade tiles, please call Froyle Tiles Ltd (Surrey) on 01428 684111.



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