Traditional tile shop in Surrey

Froyle Tiles Ltd is a traditional tile shop, based in the lovely little village of Hambledon in Surrey.


Inspired by our rustic, old world surroundings, we use traditional methods to create the highest quality ceramic handmade tiles for a wide range of customers in the area.

We Produce Handmade Tiles in Surrey Using 100 Year Old Methods


Ceramic tiles have been used for centuries and continue to offer customers a great deal of choice more in colour, pattern, texture and overall beauty than the majority of alternatives. Glazed ceramic and porcelain are great choices for kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles and for use in foyers and sun rooms.


Ceramic tiles also constitute a beautiful addition to any home or garden. It begins with a simple lump of clay, which we combine with other ingredients to form the tiles. We add designs and pigments before glazing to alter texture and colour.


We love working with our hands and we find making tiles by hand to be fun and rewarding. We love bringing your ideas to life. Because we use as many materials as possible from local Surrey suppliers, we are able to keep costs down and prices very reasonable, despite the large amount of labour that goes into designing and producing them.


Creating Handmade Tiles in Surrey


While we choose the very best clays available, it would still be useless without using the proper production methods. So how do we start? Well, it is best to work with clay that is rather dry to prevent warping.


To ensure your tiles are thick enough, we roll 28cm square tiles should be at least 1.75cm thick. This is thicker than mass-produced bathroom or kitchen tiles you buy in DIY stores, but those are made using a special dry-pressing process that allows them to be made thinner. Avoid bending your slabs while they are wet as the tiles are likely to warp when dry. Avoid bending by not peeling the clay slab from the fabric. Instead, we use a hard board (made from any type of hardwood) on top of the slab and flip the whole thing, before peeling the fabric off the clay.


If you’re looking for a good tile shop in Surrey, look no further than Froyle Tiles. Please call now on 01428 684111!

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